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Storytelling in Marketing

Storytelling is a marketing technique. We will not talk about him in boring language, it is better to read ... the story!

But first, let's remember fairy tales, legends, the same "scary stories" from childhood. Why did we unconditionally believe them at first, and then, having matured, still remembered with some share, if not superstition, then some respect? Because their authors understood: for a story to become popular and produce the desired effect, it must be told in an accessible language, using bright heroes (real or invented). Now, this method is used by many modern writers, so there is nothing accidental that from English "storytelling" is translated literally.



Using storytelling in marketing is understandable and logical. After all, people do not like straightforward advertising, and most often for the simple reason that it obsessively offers one single point of view, and it does it very categorically. And people want to trust the conclusions they make themselves.

That is why storytelling is often the best way to convey information so that everyone who reads it understands, feels, and remembers. It is no coincidence that the goal of storytelling is to effectively motivate people to take the required action, and the goal is to motivate them to draw the right conclusion. By the way, storytelling surrounds us everywhere: in books, in movies, on YouTube videos, in blogs, articles ... All media personalities - from actors to politicians - also create their own history, image, and style.



A well-written story always evokes a feeling of empathy and empathy. At the same time, we repeat, there is no imposed opinion or categorical conclusions in construction. In fact, the reader (consumer) himself decides how and what to do with what he read or seen. And this is the main difference between storytelling and other formats.

Thus, storytelling is an effective method of conveying information to the audience by telling any story that arouses interest and emotional reaction. Storytelling can be applied in various fields: maintaining websites, promoting a product, coaching, etc. The main thing is to tell the story correctly so that it has the desired effect and impact on your target audience.

For this you need:

  • Be short;
  • Introduce into your story the image of a bright hero who can interest the audience;
  • Make the story colorful and present it in an interesting language;
  • Do not impose your opinion and it is advisable not to leave the ending of the story open (although there may be exceptions).
  • Moreover, the goal is not just to create emotion in the audience; it is necessary to understand what emotion he needs at this particular time.


It is also important to understand that storytelling is not always just text, it can be an infographic, video, meme, etc. Or - text, but well-designed so that the story is convenient to read, watch or listen to.

There are many storytelling techniques, from which you need to choose the only correct one for each specific situation. Sometimes the main thing in the story is the hero himself, sometimes his path, where and why he is going, or where everything described happens to him. History can be built on contrast, you can use the "retrospective" technique, you can ... yes you can do anything.

The main thing is to trust professionals who can come up with a story specifically for your situation, product, product, or business. Advance Azerbaijan offers you Storytelling as one of its services. And believe me, you will definitely get empathy and the desired effect from potential customers.

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