Traditional Marketing Services

Offline marketing is a collection of all promotion methods that do not use the Internet, that is, until recently, traditional marketing, which is classified depending on the media where advertising is placed: press, radio, television, outdoor media.

Offline marketing performance is measured using metrics such as GRP, OTS, and CPT.

GRP is an indicator that reflects the scale of advertising and informational impact. This is the attitude of the audience who actually saw the message to the entire audience that it could reach. In this case, the calculation can be made only knowing all the ratings that have collected individual outputs of advertising messages.

OTS оценивает общее количество контактов в численном выражении, которые были достигнуты в результате рекламной кампании.

CPT — стоимостной показатель, представляющий собой цену достижения 1 тыс. контактов или охвата 1 тыс. целевой аудитории.

Но самым надежным и простым инструментом оценки эффективности офлайн-рекламы является конечный показатель прибыли и повышение количества клиентов.

Traditional marketing methods:

  • Cold calls
  • Advertising in newspapers and magazines;
  • Outdoor advertising: media carriers - standard designs for placing advertisements and promoting goods/services;
  • Image constructions are unique advertising constructions that differ in individual design and development (neon lamps, volumetric letters);
  • Signs - pillars, signs, and boards located not far from the promoted place;
  • Distribution of leaflets;
  • Radio advertising;
  • TV advertising;
  • SMS-mailing;
  • Promotional counter in the shopping center;
  • Advertising in restaurants;
  • Public transport advertising;
  • Speech at thematic forums


Для того, чтобы самостоятельно не продумывать рекламные кампании и пути привлечения клиентов и не заниматься разработкой рекламных материалов, обратитесь в наше агентство. Мы выберем подходящую именно вам форму офлайн маркетинга, разработаем стратегию и контент, и найдем оптимальное решение с учетом запланированного бюджета. Наше агентство готово к сотрудничеству со всеми, кому нужна наша профессиональная помощь.

The purpose of branding is to create a clear brand image and a clear formation of the direction of communication. Branding includes market research, product positioning, creating a brand name, slogan, trademark,...

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Radio is available everywhere: at home, on public transport, on the street, in your own car. At the same time, people often perceive much more information by ear than visually, and listening to ads in your favori...

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Outdoor advertising is any advertising information (graphic or text) placed on special structures (temporary or stationary) in open areas, external surfaces of buildings, structures, elements of street equipment,...

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For any type of advertising, be it outdoor advertising, promotion in the media, or social networks, you need high-quality content in the form of a photo or video.

Commercial photography combines several...

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ATL (above the line)

A set of measures to promote a product, brand. ATL includes all types of offline marketing (newspaper, radio, outdoor advertising, printing, etc.).

BTL (below the line)

A set of marketing communications with clients, motivation for the conversion action. BTL includes a large number of marketing technologies, among which the most famous are mailing lists, SMS, exhibitions, conferences, promotions, coupons, gift ca...

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