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Radio is available everywhere: at home, on public transport, on the street, in your own car. At the same time, people often perceive much more information by ear than visually, and listening to ads in your favorite radio program or between musical compositions immediately affects the subconscious, thereby making the audience your potential clients.

Advertising on Radio


When using FM radio ads as a way to promote, there are some details to consider. First, it is important to choose a radio station based on your target audience. Secondly, you need to think about the time when your ad will be broadcast, the frequency of its repetition, the duration and format of the message, and so on. The format of your radio ad also plays a role. It can be different.

Let's look at some examples:

Information clips (spots)

Most often, they represent the reading of the text by the announcer with musical accompaniment (or, more often, without it).

Game clips

These are such mini-radio performances or scenes: a conversation between girlfriends, friends, a scene in a store, an imitation of a scene, a concert, and even a radio program! Most often, these clips are humorous, which makes it easier for listeners to perceive and at the same time arouses sympathy for your product.

Image clips

As a rule, these are clips of serious companies and brands, and they are not talking about any promotions or discounts. These clips aim to create an image of the company, explain its mission, and strengthen the brand.

Music logos

These are short musical slogans of companies: the sung name of the company, its slogan, or a short message. The most famous music logo belongs to Coca-Cola.

When ordering advertising on the radio in our agency, you can be sure that our specialists will choose the ad format that suits you, calculate the correct broadcast time and frequency. And most importantly, we guarantee the effectiveness of such advertising.



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